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FT-Number crunching required (HELP)

From: "Bif Smith" <bif@b...>
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2001 08:54:32 +0100
Subject: FT-Number crunching required (HELP)

A idea for a x-ray
laser warhead for a MT missile. The MT missile has a x-ray laser
that on reaching attack range, detonates, sending several x-ray laser
at the target, in a cone pattern to increase the chances of a hit. When
using them, roll a 1D6 (not sure about having some modifiers for ECM and
such), that is the number of beams on target. Each beam is a K3 (or 2?),
dammage is done as such.

 I posted the above, but nobody said anything. Having given it some
I`ve decided it wouldn`t be as unbalancing as I first thought, if
to SML`s. A SML can do between 6 and 36 DP, the MT laser warhead can do
between 3 and 36 DP. The difference comes from the PDS, and the fact the
missiles are more vulnerable to interception than SML`s. What I`m
asking, is
that is there a number cruncher out there that can compair the
chances/dammage potential of these two missiles against PDS? (please?,
number crunching stopped at school <G>). I know that I`m not being very
clear here, but what I`m after is compairing the chances of the 2
systems to get through the PDS, and the dammage potential afterwards
(ie- a
SML with 6 missiles, can lose 1 to PDS, and still do 5D6 DP, but a MT
missile can either do the dammage, or non vs the PDS).

 "Yorkshire born, yorkshire bred,
 strong in arms, thick in head"

Not being deliberatly dumb, just difficult for me to explain.

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