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Re: New New Israelis

From: "Bif Smith" <bif@b...>
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2001 08:41:02 +0100
Subject: Re: New New Israelis

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Subject: Re: New New Israelis

> From: "Ground Zero Games" <>
> > Sorry, Alan, but I've been intending to do "official" NI ships for
> > now, I've got the concept/design style for them worked out and
> > they'll be -
> >. The eventual intention is to
> > cover most, if not all of the canon powers (at least all the ones
> > could be envisaged as having their own shipbuilding capacity) with
> > ranges, and the NI are an important part of that.
> Sorry? SORRY???
> Jon, all I can say is "thanks".
> > Of course, none of this prevents you from using your fleet as NI if
> > want to, or as anything else for that matter!
> From SFB ships to Space Cruiser Yamato, yes. No need to repeat it, but
> then again, it does no harm to do so. There are too many Games
> that require only official approved Games Workshop Figures for any
> Games Workshop games that my be Games Workshop played.
> Like, for example, Games Workshop.

Do I get the feeling you don`t like GW?

> The only complaint I have about GZG and yourself is that you're not at
> 6 people, so we can get BDS, FB3, FT3 in time for Christmas. But
> don't bust a gut trying to please your loyal customers. We're already
> pleased, it's just that we're greedy.

Hey, we`re not being gready. It`s just the maximisers on the list want
more weapons/ships to go at (or is that find the errors in the
It`s just as a system evolves, it needs rewriting/modifing to take into
accout the evolutions that have come allong since it first started
FT, and after the FB`s, how relevant is the original FT book?).

 "Yorkshire born, yorkshire bred,
 strong in arms, thick in head"

PS-This isn`t a critisism of the almighty jon, just a statement of the
the FT book is virtually useless now except for one or two rules. All
new rules have been spread over the different books published since, and
need colating into one book (FT3, HINT HINT <G>).

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