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Re: [FT] New FAC? Was "New IF ships"

From: Ryan Gill <rmgill@m...>
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2001 01:02:58 -0400
Subject: Re: [FT] New FAC? Was "New IF ships"

At 2:24 PM +1000 7/6/01, Derek Fulton wrote:
>At 12:15  6/07/01 -0400, Aimee wrote:
>>We had a huge 'Battle of the Line' with the Kra'Vak attacking Earth
>Hmmmmm....note to self, must remember to kill JMS because of the 
>debilitating effect he has had on wargame scenarios ;)

Heh....We also had a DSII game situated around a Mech infantry 
company (truck mounted) and a militia company searching a large table 
for an Elite SAS detachment that had been conducting covert 
observation of an area. The SAS diggers were waiting to get extracted 
by 2 platoons of Power armour and some VTOLS. A very interesting game 
that went to the wire on the extraction chances of the SAS. They were 
eventually gunned down. Apparently they had issues with contacting 
the orbiting Aero Space support for a strike mission.

We also had a DSII scenario where a reinforced company of light 
infantry, plus a detachment of Combat walkers and a platoon of 
infantry walkers were holding a town for shuttles to escape. Each 
Shuttle was worth a victory point. The invading forces were able to 
'recycle' casualties into follow in forces that were committed as the 
casualties were made. Basically a finite Blue force that must give 
ground eventually and an ever coming horde of Red force. Also a very 
fun scenario.

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