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Re: New IF ships

From: David Griffin <carbon_dragon@y...>
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 11:16:23 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: New IF ships

--- Chris DeBoe <LASERLIGHT@QUIXNET.NET> wrote:
> Well, of course, it's because you're preoccupied
> with BDS, FB3, FT3, FMASk,
> and so forth.....right?

Frankly, I think a lot of the pressure for a new
rules compilation would be off if there was
a reliable, growing, compilation of answers to
questions on the current rules which had the force
of a tournament ruling located on the GZG site.

I know there's a FAQ, but it needs to be more
and it needs to grow as questions are asked. It's one
thing to have a reasonable answer, but it would avoid
quarrels if there was an official rules interpretation
you could go look at to distinguish between multiple
reasonable answers ;-).

Just by way of example, our latest small dispute was
over dogfight rules between fighters. It looks to me
as if single dogfights are simultaneous, while fights
with 3 or more squadrons are initiative based. Some
in our group disagree, interpreting the word
multiple to mean 2 or more. However sure you might
be of your opinion, there's no way to really be
absolutely sure. But if there was a web site with a
constantly growing list of official rules 
interpretations, the argument could be ended by one
quick click on the internet.

It seems to me that something like this could be
done by GZG a little at a time. We could come up
with a mark you could put on a message, like
[RI] for Request Interpretation. Someone could
compile them for Jon, and he could, at his
convenience, give a rules interpretation and
select which ones go into the FAQ. Jon could 
designate someone to help, but if the rules 
interpretations were to be official, they would
have to at least be looked at by someone qualified
to make tournament rulings. We could even come
up with a message format -- what to include:

[RI] [FT] Descriptive Title

Description: .......

Rules that seem to apply:.....

GZG supplies the Answer along with maybe an

What do you think? Bad idea? Good idea? I'm not
trying to make work for Jon, but there are places
in the rules where there is a lot of room for
disagreement (especially in the fragmented fighter

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