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RE: [SG2] Vehicle Bail Out

From: Ryan M Gill <rmgill@m...>
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 14:15:00 -0400
Subject: RE: [SG2] Vehicle Bail Out

At 8:52 AM -0700 7/5/01, wrote:
>>  My suggestion would have been more simple.
>>  On a non-penetrating the vehicle recieves a suppression marker. If
>>  the crew/passengers wish to leave the vehicle, they also are treated
>>  as if they have a suppression marker.
>The only problem is that it violates the rule that a suppression 
>marker on a vehicle or building doesn't allow the occupants to exit 
>the vehicle or building! (For buildings, the rules suggest putting 
>the suppression marker on one wall or side of the structure).

I'm still new to Stargrunt but I've done a lot of study of infantry 
and armour tactics so I'll take a stab at some of this. Mostly I'm 
thinking in real principles here and trying to get 'game' and 'real' 
to meet in the middle.

I think the thing you're trying to model is the fact that a armoured 
vehicle takes a hit. Normally the crew would be staying buttoned up. 
But, there is now a hole in the side of the vehicle the systems are 
down, the engine is smoking and one or more of the crew are dead. 
Time to get out before the fire reaches the magazine's or worse the 
fuel cell and the vehicle brews up. Screw the chance of getting 
killed, the thing may blow up. So the crew bail out. They leave by 
roof hatches or by side doors or whatever. Their concern is getting 
out of the vehicle no matter what.

I guess it all really depends on if the vehicle is just disabled or 
really well worked over by the penetrating round. If its just 
disabled they can take their time. If its holed then they want out 

In both situations they count as being suppressed. In the case of the 
"RIGHT NOW!", the crew	bailing are naturally immediately suppressed 
(perhaps doubly so, ie two suppression markers?). They aren't going 
to be doing much for a little while anyhow.

A correct anti-armour drill by a pair of teams would have a SAW and a 
GMS system of some sort (perhaps IAVRs) destroying/damaging it. The 
bailing out crew is then shot by an additional SAW team. The presence 
of the SAW then provides additional suppression and kills on the 
vehicle as the crew bails out of the dying tank/MICV.

Immediately after the Penetrating hit is reached... Surviving crew 
gets placed d6" away from the vehicle in a circle. They receive 2 
suppression markers. This takes place immediately after the 
resolution. An anti-armour team up close in an ambush that took out 
the vehicle with its first activation would then have a second 
activation to shoot at the crew as they bail out with SAWs and other 
small arms.

The intra-activation bail out action may be a bit much, but seems to 
model the effects of a vehicle getting worked over by an anti-armour 
team. Naturally their ability to kill the armour crew/passengers is 
up to their abilities as a team. They may end up placing an 
additional suppression marker on the crew/passengers or may end up 
killing more. If the shot was from longer range, then its likely they 
are able to escape the vehicle and find the nearest hole to hide in 
before looking around at their buddies and figuring out who is hurt 
then taking care of them.

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