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RE: [SG2] New Rules Playtest Results

From: "Brian Bell" <bbell1@i...>
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 19:03:24 -0400
Subject: RE: [SG2] New Rules Playtest Results

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Subject: [SG2] New Rules Playtest Results

I had a chance to playtest some SG2 house rules and semi-official
rules changes over the Canada Day weekend. Here are the results of
playtesting. If I get the chance, I'll do an after action report on
the scenario.


Jon suggested that instead of rolling one die and multiplying the
result by the size/armour class, you roll a number of dice equal to
the size/armour class and add up the result (i.e. D12 x 2 becomes

[Bri] Do you add the d12s or just use the highest?




1. Within 6" and in LOS, no communication roll.
2. Within 6" and no LOS, communications roll.
3. Outside of 6" and in LOS, communications roll.
4. Outside of 6" and no LOS, communications roll at -1.

Note that this is cumulative with the "skipping command levels"

[Bri] This works well.


Tom suggested limiting a command element to making, at most, two
Transfer Actions per activation, but the first one is "free" and
doesn't cost the command element an action. So, a command element can
make one Transfer for free, spend an action to do its second
Transfer, and still have one more action left over. 

[Bri] I don't care for this it makes leaders even more powerful. I
really don't want this game to become "hunt the leader".


However, we also felt that the main problem is that some actions
should be allowed while a unit is moving. The result is the following
rule, which we started to use later in the scenario:


On page 16 of the rule book are listed the various actions. These are
Motivation Actions and Leader Actions. This rule subdivides Leader
Actions into two subcategories: Stationary and Mobile.

Stationary Leader Actions:
- - Rally
- - Form Detached Element
- - Remove Suppression

Mobile Leader Actions:
- - Observe
- - Communicate
- - Transfer Actions

Mobile Leader Actions count as an action but can be combined with a
Move Action. Stationary Leader Actions behave as listed in the book
and can not be combined with a Move Action.

A Mobile Leader Action does not have to be combined with a Move
Action. If it is not done "on the move", it behaves as listed in the

[Bri] Transfer Actions is so powerful. I think that the situation
could be resolved by declaring a Transfer Action to be a "Pseudo
Combat Action". Pseudo Combat Actions take the place of a combat
action (an element may not do a combat action and pseudo combat
action), but do not result in direct damage to the opposition. This
limits the power of leaders and encourages them to do something other
than sit in the corner. If this is too burdensome, then allow a
transfer action to activate 2 units.
  Also make off-board communication a "pseudo combat action". This
will prevent the leader from moving, activating 2 units and calling
in an air strike.


Any comments are welcome. I will probably write these up and post
them to my web site. 

Allan Goodall -
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