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RE: Sa'Vasku Minis

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 12:46:52 -0400
Subject: RE: Sa'Vasku Minis

I use a standard base from GZG (the ones with clockfaces).
I use Piano Wire (or other stiff wire) and insert it into the lure along
long axis. This give the lure some rigidity. 
Then I just push the base half way into the lure. Remove it fill the
hole with superglue and reinsert the base.
Let Dry. 

Brian Bell	 

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> Brian Bell wrote
> > I also use I.C.E. Silent Death miniatures.
> > I also have used fishing lures (soft plastic grubs, worms, crawfish,
> etc.)
> I recently cruised through a local sporting goods superstore to look
> pistol cases for mini storage and lure-building components to see if
> of
> the bits would work for scratchbuilding minis. I then looked at the
> of
> bins of the squishy worms and grubs. With many different sizes and
> with
> a single curly tail, others with 3, and some with none so you could
> lots of different classes of ships.  A lot of different colors to
> from including some that were translucent with glitter imbedded
> throughout.
> The color and texture could really set them apart from all of the
> on
> the gaming table.
> I'll probably make a fleet of these after I figure out a nice way to
> them.  Maybe gluing a large pin pointing up on a regular base then
> it to look like a '7' so you can easily slide the worm on the sharp
> but since the top portion of the pin is horizontal, you can pick it up
> the base won't fall off.
> Dean Gundberg
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