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Re: Centimeters

From: "Imre A. Szabo" <ias@s...>
Date: Wed, 03 May 2000 11:30:34 -0400
Subject: Re: Centimeters

> Speed, speed, and more speed.  If you are not playing on an
> restricted surface 30 seems to be about the lowest speed for thrust
> 4 ships (cinematic, haven't tried vector yet).
> Roger

Played with an FSE fleet doing between 24 to 48 inches a turn for an
game.  I've never tried centimeter scale and have no desire to do. This
speed game was interesting, but  I don't recommend it for anything but
experiment.  While FSE ships can manuever better do to their higher
thrust (on
average), SLM's are inxceedingly difficult to use in high speed games
even if
the opposing force moves at just 18 to 24 inches a turn.  The game I
lasted 22 turns; the longest Full Thrust game I've ever played in turns
not time).  A lot of maneuvering on my part to avoid getting in his
medium to
short range (24" and less) frontal arc.  The game ended after I had the
horrible choice of watching half my fleet hit a planet, or turning into
frontal arc.  I turned in, but still one of my CA's came within 1/8" of
a planet...  My fleet was pound and the missile barrage the next turn
was less
then ideal.  SLM's don't work well at high speeds.  The game didn't last
longer after that...


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