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Re: GMS/P vs. IAVR

From: "Steve Pugh" <steve@p...>
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 15:16:56 +0100
Subject: Re: GMS/P vs. IAVR

Oerjan Ohlson wrote:
> Steve Pugh wrote:
> >My interpretation was that those Infantry Support Weapons which
> >counted as Heavy Weapons when fired vs vehicles (ie those with an
> >asterix next to the Impact in their stats) used the 12" range bands
> >when vehicle or ground mounted. But the rules aren't very clear. Is
> >this right?
> I don't think so. The rules seem quite clear on what is a Heavy Weapon
> (defined on p.29) and what is an Infantry Support Weapon, and although
> the starred ISWs use the same *damage mechanics* as HWs against point
> targets the rule describing that mechanic for the IWSs doesn't refer
> to the HW rules. 
> As far as I can see they also aren't explicitly described as "counting
> as Heavy Weapons" anywhere, so I don't think they can claim to use a
> rule which very emphatically "ONLY" applies to vehicle- or
> ground-mounted HWs. (The capital "ONLY" is quoted from the Heavy
> Weapons Range Bands rule on p.37 <g>).

Page 37 
Individual Fire of Support Weapons 
Para 2 "The RANGE BAND is the same as for small arms fire if the 
support weapon is being used by infantry, but can be higher 
(depending on target size) if the weapon is on a groundmount or 

This clearly implies that support weapons can use the 12" x target 
size range bands  

Para 3 "Support weapons that are marked with an ASTERIX on the 
weapons table may be fire like HEAVY WEAPONS when firing at point 

Note that it says 'fire like' not just 'resolve damage like' as 
you implied, (so do, for example, IAVRs role Quality + Firepower or 
Quality + Fire Control?).

Heavy Weapon Range Bands 
Para 3 "Note that any MAN-CARRIED and manually-fired weapons such as 
Small Arms and Infantry Support Weapons simply use their basic Range 
Bands against ANY size target; the multiplication of Range Bands 
described above is ONLY used for Heavy Weapons fitted to vehicles or 

This is the rule you referred to yesterday, with the emphasised ONLY. 
However, it not only contradicts a preceeding passage on the same 
page but also emphasises MAN-CARRIED. So what about infantry support 
weapons which aren't man-carried?  

So you see the confusion?


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