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Re: [GZG-ECC and GZGPedia] I Need Your Help!

From: Indy <kochte@s...>
Date: Mon, 01 May 2000 14:47:17 -0400
Subject: Re: [GZG-ECC and GZGPedia] I Need Your Help!

Jerry Han wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> I'm looking for help in two areas, for two of the three GZG related
> websites I help run.	(I still can't guarantee regular updates because
> of my !@#$@!@$@! work schedule, but I do the best I can.)
> -----------
> I've been adding pictures to the gallery for GZG-ECC III (yup, they're
> still coming in, after two months.)
> Anyways, what I'm hoping people will do will look at the pictures
> and come up with captions for them.  In particular, if they could
> attach names to faces, I'd be much obliged.  (I have a great memory
> for faces, but I can't remember names to save my own life.)
> Website:

This is going to be quick (and sad; I don't remember some of the
names! :-( )  ('??' = 'don't remember' :(  which is embarassing)

Saturday morning, Carrier Ops

Pic 1: ??, Pat Muller, ??, Aaron Teske, Ted Arlauskas
Pic 2: Enterprise Carrier Battlegroup (NAC)
Pic 3: ESU Cruiser Squadron 42
Pic 4: Keith Watt, Pat Muller, Ted Arlauskas, ??
Pic 5: ESU Cruiser Squadron 42 attacking the NAC carriers
Pic 6: Pat Muller, a tired-looking Aaron Teske, ?? (dammit, I KNEW his
       a couple weeks ago, too! :( )
Pic 7: Pat Muller
Pic 8: Ted Arlauskas (B5 hat), Bill Spring (B.R.Snasis Games, looking
       Pat Muller, Channing Faunce examining with critical eye as fleets
pass		   each other in the night
Pic 9: Keith Watt moving fighters. Me in background (white shirt), Ted
       Arlauskas (B5 hat), Bill Spring (B.R.Snasis Games)

Saturday Afternoon: 
B5 Armageddon::
Pic 1: Joel and Mark maneuver their fleets
Pic 2: Joel looking over his sheets as Mark waits for Erik (just at
       edge) to give information on some ship stats
Pic 3: They Mighty Centauri Fleet

Miniatures Contest::
Pic 1: the whole table, primarily the FT entries focsued on
Pic 2: the DSII entries
Pic 3: the SGII entries
Pic 13: The Crowd: Indy leaning over table, Erik Kochte at other end of
	table, Tom McCarthy, Mike Sarno, Stuart Murray, blur, Tom
Barclay,		 Bill Spring, Jerry Han, Brian Bell's dad, Brian
Joel, Kr'rt,		     leader of the Kra'Vak, ??, Mark, ??, Rick
Rutherford, one of the	       Canucks, ??, and Ted Arlauskas

A Grey Day To Die, Part 1:
Pic 1: Nick Caldwell, Kr'rt, Los, somebody's belly
Pic 5: The Kra'Vak - Kr'rt, ??, ??, Nick Caldwell
Pic 6: The Humans - Ted Arlauskas, David Raynes, Rick Rutherford's
       Tom Barclay explaining terrain features, myself behind Tom B.
Pic 7: The Humans - Ted Arlauskas, David Raynes, Indy, Rick Rutherford,
       The Refs - Tom Barclay, Los
Pic 8: More of Humans: Los (ref), Ted Arlauksa, Rick Rutherford, David	
Raynes, KR (observing, hiding behind Tom B), and Tom B (ref)

Indy's Gallery:

"Valiant Human Defenders" are the winners (and loser?) of Mike Sarno's
Pod Racing event: JP Fiset (sp?), Keith Watt, Ted Arlauskas, Pat Muller

Same ones for "Oh What a Feeling!"

Hope this helps some. Sorry I never got a con report written up.  :-(


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