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Re: Interesting Camo

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 10:44:07 +1000
Subject: Re: Interesting Camo

G'day Greg, Aron,

>That's a really good idea. 

Sure is!

> I'd like to hear if anyone tries it.	

I'm very tempted, have to see how much the globes cost and then I'll
it a berl.

>Early encounter Kar'vak (sp) would be easy to id on the battle field. 
there other
>spectrums which would cause a shift in color perception?

Any shift in the spectrum used for visual cues would skew what you saw -
obvious one is going infrared, though one of the simplest maybe just to
cellophane you lamp and see what you lose - Derek was once on a night
exercise with a guy who'd made all his map notes in red, unfortunately
torches had red filters...oops ;)

Which suddenly brings another thought to mind the atmospheric etc
conditions would also impact upon what light waves were let through
in water all the red light is gone by 10 metres or less).

Heres a couple of questions for the more astronomically or
knowledgeable than myself
1) obviously under certain stars you're going to get different wave
(or is that assumption invalid?) and so just travelling to a different
system would impact upon what was camo and what wasn't.
2) does anyone know how far off the 0.4-0,7 micometres wavelength can
go and still possible use it for visual cues - now radio waves can draw
false picture (or am I stuffing that too and there's some hidden process
missed) so theoretically any part ofthe spectrum could just depends on
fast you want the picture and how fast you can recieve it and what the
ambient levels are (to prod evolution in the first place)?? 



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