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Re: What is AoG thinking?

From: Robert Crawford <crawford@k...>
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000 22:32:14 -0500
Subject: Re: What is AoG thinking?

On Fri, Mar 24, 2000 at 11:17:16AM -0500, Tom.McCarthy wrote:
> *	I bought some of their fleet-scale Starfuries last week. The
> >wasted lead and vents on those things are atrocious. I haven't
> >taken the time to get them ready for painting yet, but their stands
> >struck me as odd, too. It looks like you're either supposed to leave
> >the fighters loose and just stick them into the stand or they've
> >used a special stand to let you mount them in different formations.
> I've heard rumours to the effect that a squad is six figures and the
> has about 12 or more locations to mount them (a big circle with a
> through it, holes for the figures on the circle and the cross). 
> on how you arrange the fighters, they perform differently in B5Wars
> Action.  Quite frankly, that kind of detail (what formation your
> are in) is not something I want to worry about if I'm running a fleet.

	That's exactly what the stands look like, and I agree with
you. I haven't started getting them ready for painting (I'm a slacker,
I know, I've only primed 100 figures this weekend), but I plan on 
mounting them individually.

	Hmm... my camera just dumped the picture I took. A picture
of fleet-scale Star Furies is at:

A rather washed-out closeup is at:

	Speaking of mounting figures, some of the figures I primed
are some Irregular spaceships that don't have any place to stick a
stand. A few of them are flat-bottomed and large enough for a
nail-stand, but a few are too small and one's just too, well, irregular
for that. 

	Any suggestions?


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