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starwars Vs. star trek

From: Chris Connor <con9570@f...>
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 21:01:26 -0800
Subject: starwars Vs. star trek

is got me thinking for a couple of minutes, mainly due to my interest in

millitary science.  In Star Trek you have large ships with heavy guns
firing at
each other from long range(more or less).  Star Trek naval warfare very
resembles WWI battleship tactics.  In star wars you have carriers, the
destroyer with its TIE-fighter battle group, and rebel
corvettes? mon calamari ships?) with X-wing and Y-wing battle groups.
Star Wars
therefore is similar to WWII naval tactics, carriers with fighter battle

groups.  As a little side note the dogfight scenes in star wars were
made using
film footage of WWII dogfights.  Yes I know in Star trek they use
fighters, but
the only time I have ever seem them was in DS9 during a couple battles
in the
war, and most of the ships were heavy battle cruisers(battle ships).
And yes
star wars does have big capital ships blasting at each other with big
What I am trying to show is the general use of naval forces in each of
universes.  Thought I might share my observations of these two popular
Sci-Fi backgrounds.  I hope someone finds this interesting =).

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