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Re: What is AoG thinking?

From: Michael Llaneza <imperialdispatches@y...>
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 10:01:46 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: What is AoG thinking?

--- Indy <> wrote:
> First Wi'Kan penned in with:
> > 
> Although I think AoG did go a little overboard with
> their creations.

Oh, they do have an interesting batch of ship designs.
However, after I type my FB conversions in (which
escaped the box of records accidentally recycled) i
may take a shot at another force mix based on ships
shown onscreen and my own additions.

> > Over all, I would say AoG has some growing pains.
> The last few mini's they
> > have released have been a very mixed bag.

It's been a mixed bag all along. Rememebr the
Hyperions that warped in the casting process or the
Omega's that didn't assemble straight along the
centerline ?

> Oh well, that said, I wait patiently for their Fleet
> Level stuff to
> show up. 

the Fleet Level miniatures I have are nice, if molded
a bit boxy. Mind you, these are from the prototype
batch. The Primus came out a bit boxy where the
full-size ship has smooth curves (on the small stuff,
the general outline is right), the Vorchan is very
nice (although a pain to base), as is the Olympus. The
Hyperion came out well, but also suffers from some
small curves being boxy.

I've seen a late playtest draft, it might even be
playable. The command-control rules I was agitating
for ealy in the playtest are nowhere to be found,
fortunbately I	never sent along my best notes :-)

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