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Re: What is AoG thinking?

From: Phillip Atcliffe <Phillip.Atcliffe@u...>
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 16:00:57 +0000 (GMT Standard Time)
Subject: Re: What is AoG thinking?

On Thu, 23 Mar 2000 14:13:29 -0800 Mike Wikan 
<> wrote, apropos of some B5W minis:

>> The Poseidon is the worst molded piece of crap I have ever seen. 
completely warped, no parts fit together, tons of flash etc. I had to 
literally kit-bash it to get it to fit with extra putty and metal 
spacers. <<

That's interesting, Mike. I, too, have a Poseidon, as does my son, and 
we didn't find anything like that. _Our_ beef with AoG anent this 
ship was the fact that 2 out of 3 models were incomplete in the 
(shrink-wrapped) boxes! The first one I got had half the engine module 
missing, so I took it back. My local shop ordered a new one, which duly 
arrived with all bits present. My son, who is an EA fan, saw my model 
and began to drool, so I got him one for his birthday. _His_ was missing
the gun turrets! We didn't bother returning his because he had some 
spare GW turrets left over from a conversion I did of a BFG battleship, 
and he was happy to use those instead.

The resulting ship is not a perfect EA design, but he uses it as part 
of his own fleet (the dreaded Confederation <g>) anyway. This is the 
fleet that features the modified 3-engined Valley Forge conversion, and 
he was kinda pleased to find a ship that was even bigger than that one!

>> Now that it is done it IS humongous and hellishly impressive. which 
brings us to "Babylon 5". The Poseidon is about 10 times the size of 
the B5 station figure. Both are in the same size box, but the B5 figure 
is about the size of a large Sharpie marker. originally 35+ dollars? <<

Later, Tom wrote:
>To kitbash B5, I'd be tempted to start with Jon's cylindrical station. 
(One of the GF range, I believe) <

Or you could use something like a half-litre water bottle... I have one 
sitting on my window-sill right now that would make a good starting 

Me, I think I'll use my Revell model. Okay, the stand could do with 
replacing, but it's a good size. Failing that, there's always the 

Phil, about to start painting his UNSC fleet
"If you let a smile be your umbrella... you'll get wet teeth!"
   -- a forgotten comedian, quoted by me: Phil Atcliffe

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