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Re: RE: [ds2] Dirtside powered armor

From: Jeremey Claridge <jeremy.claridge@k...>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 14:08:48 +0000 ()
Subject: Re: RE: [ds2] Dirtside powered armor

> So you don't send armor alone against them. Send in your OWN PA
infantry, or 
> use artillery, or armor armed with Heavy MDC's and HEL's (Which have
> range and thus are less susceptible to your scenario), or airstrikes,
> VTOL Gunships... This encourages more of a combined arms mentality,
which is 
> usually best anyway.
> Brian B

Hmmm I know the use of combined arms is the best way but I just feel
that given the choice between:

Infantry Walker Armour 1 Move 10 (I think? don't have rules with me) and
a GMS/H  Requiring 2 
damage points to kill and special chits being valid.
compared to:
Powered Armour Infantry Move 6 and GMS/H Requiring 5 points to kill,
special chits not valid, most 
weapon attacks only at medium range, chits drawn restricted regardless
of weapon size.

Apart from being able to carry class 2 weapons which will only be of use
against lightly armoured 
targets (or if fishing for a lucky hit against bigger targets), and 4
inches extra movement 
the infantry walker doesn't seem worth it anymore.

I have no objections regarding class 1 RFAC's or MDC's. But the GMS/H is
a class 2 weapon
so maybe class 1 should be the restriction that way there is still a
point to class 1 vehicles 
especially the Infantry Walker.

Jeremey Claridge

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