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Re: [sg2] Corporate Security Miniatures

From: Thomas Pope <tpope@c...>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 10:02:23 -0500
Subject: Re: [sg2] Corporate Security Miniatures

"Bell, Brian K" wrote:
> I keep hoping that Jon T (or anyone else) would produce a line of
> Security figures.
> Wanted:
> 1) Suit w/ pistol. Think of the stereotype secret service agent, MIB,
> villain from Matrix. Sunglasses are a MUST.
> 2) Suit w/ SMG. #1, but with a submachine gun.

I have quite a few, but most of them are slottabased (heresy!) 28mm
heresy!) figures from other lines.. (even more heresy!)

I agree, I'd love to see a pack of MIB's (and WIB's) in the Streel Level

> 3) Riot Police. Helmets, bullet proof vests, with stun sticks/batons
> plexi-shields.

>From the Streel Level range

SL-10 RI0T COPS: 4 police troops In full riot gear, with big sticks;
riot shieid 
      may be cut from any Scrap clear plastic and affixed to moulded
boss on arm 
      of each figure. 

> 4) SWAT person. Bullet proof vests, submachine gun.
> 5) SWAT w/grenade launcher. #4, but with non-lethal weapon/tear-gas
> launcher.

I haven't seen the SWAT team, but it probably has most of what you are

SL-5 SWAT SPECIAL UNIT: three troopers in ballistic vests and caps:
     with sniper rifle, kneeling trooper with grenade launcher. officer

I'd second the call for another team though, since I'd prefeer about 6
figures for each type of "unit" (street cops, SWAT, Riot cops, etc)  Of
course I
don't know how well they are selling and I can't really complain, since
haven't bought mine...	:-)

> 6) Power Armor Security. Non-military grade power armor. Think
> suits from Marvel Comics. May have more non-lethal weaponry than
> grade PA.

Nothing specific, but perhaps the Bubblegum crisis figures?


Thomas Pope
Human Computer Interaction Institute
Carnegie Mellon University

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