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RE: [DS2] While we're on the subject of firing arcs....

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 07:50:44 -0500
Subject: RE: [DS2] While we're on the subject of firing arcs....

I will take a stab in the dark at this...

I imagine that the rule was put into place to allow the movement rules
ignore turns.
If fixed mount vehicles could move and then fire, they could do a full
turn to bring the opponent into arc, and fire the fixed mount weapon.
make a turret less cost-effective. 

It may be a good house rule to allow fixed mount weapons to fire after
ONLY IF they move less than half of thier movement rating.

I would still allow opprotunity fire and overwatch fire (if you use that
house rule), 
but only if the enemy wanders into the correct arc.

Brian Bell	  

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> Subject:	While we're on the subject of firing arcs.... (Was FT,
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> I was hoping someone could shed some light for me on the subject of 
> hull-mounted fixed-arc weapons in Dirtside II. Why can they only fire
> move? I know that in terms of game mechanics, this is to offset the
> smaller 
> space requirement. But in real life terms, is this justified?  I don't
> know, 
> I was hoping someone with some experience could give their input.
> It seems to REALLY limit their usefulness, which DOES seem realistic,
> since 
> the entire vehicle has to turn to turn the gun. As it stands, unless
> in 
> hidden placement, you basically have to willingly manouver right into
> a 
> vehicle's arc BEFORE it's activation in order to be it's target.
> there must be a better way to reflect this?
> Instead, why not establish a rule that a vehicle MAY fire a fixed-arc
> weapon 
> AFTER movement, but not for opportunity fire, and also impose either a

> penalty to it's accuracy, charge it one of it's Base Movement Points,
> both (Which seems most logical)?
> However, I would not recommend applying this rule in any way to
> arty - if they shoot-and-scoot, they should not be allowed to fire the
> next 
> turn (in other words, keep the rule as it is for them), or they would
> become 
> far too powerful, able to fire every turn without impunity.
> As for ON-board artillery, this rule change would not really affect
> much (It would be suicide to move then fire as arty, that just BEGS a
> response).
> Any response (Gee, I asked for it....)?
> Brian B
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