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RE: [FT] KV, Vector and Tweaks

From: "Brian Bell" <bkb@b...>
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2000 20:10:51 -0500
Subject: RE: [FT] KV, Vector and Tweaks

Being only able to fire every other turn seems like quite a 
penalty to me.

If we are going to play with the vector rules, I would suggest
1) Pushes are done away with. A maneuvering thrusters are not 
going to push a ship 1000km in 15 minutes.
2) Give a ship a number of Maneuver Points and a number of Thrust
3) Cost a turn at 1pt of Maneuver per clockface (facing) turn.
4) Mass of an engine would be:
      Mass = (Thrust * .025) + (Maneuver * .025) [round up]
5) Cost of an engine would be Engine Mass * 2
6) All Fleetbook 1 ships are considered to have equal maneuver
and Thrust Rating.

This would allow to have a greater mix of ships and restore an
advantage for having a more agile ship.

The more than maximum thrust is easily handled by the common
(near cannon) house rule of not allowing a push to be separated
from a MD by a rotation.

Brian Bell <>

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[snip]...the KV can always turn
to face at the end of their move, so a limited firing arc
doesn't really limit them, and the human fleet will get
outmaneuvered and obliterated.[snip]

Further, in vector we have a couple of ways to abuse the system.
If you're running away from someone, you can thrust, rotate, and
fire, then next turn rotate and thrust--you get a full effect F
arc shot every other tun while running away at full speed.  You
can also use the following extremely cheddary sequence to get
more than your maximum thrust: Thrust, turn 90 degrees, and
push; next turn push, turn back to your original heading, and
thrust.  A thrust 4 ship can effectively move 5 MU/turn using
this sequence.

I am therefore going to enter a suggestion that rotating in
Vector be limited to the beginning of the move.


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