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Re: [FT] KV, Vector and Tweaks

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 09:47:26 +1000
Subject: Re: [FT] KV, Vector and Tweaks

G'day Laserlight,

>Oerjan and I were discussing an IF vs KV vector battle in light
>of the forthcoming FB2, and Oerjan pointed out a balance issue.

Thats why he's near and dear to all our hearts ;)

>The KraVak, we all know, tend to have one-arc-only heavy weapons
>plus lots of maneuverability.	This will make them balance human
>fleets in Cinematic mode; but in vector, the KV can always turn
>to face at the end of their move, so a limited firing arc
>doesn't really limit them, 

Sod that for a joke! Admittedly it doesn't limit them as much as in
cinematic, but the number fo times I could've REALLY done with a second
arc. Case in point, Lachy and I are going hammer and tong, KV muddle
navigator ends the ship at an astonishing 2" from NSL BB (WOW even I
a chance of hitting with the KV at 2", heck I could shout insults at
at this distance), unfortunately Lachy's BB is about 5 degrees out of my
forward arc. While I went and found my "KV insult guide" Lachy's BB tore
the stuffin out of me!!!! 

>Further, in vector we have a couple of ways to abuse the system.

Maybe, maybe not....

>If you're running away from someone, you can thrust, rotate, and
>fire, then next turn rotate and thrust--you get a full effect F
>arc shot every other tun while running away at full speed.  You
>can also use the following extremely cheddary sequence to get
>more than your maximum thrust: Thrust, turn 90 degrees, and
>push; next turn push, turn back to your original heading, and
>thrust.  A thrust 4 ship can effectively move 5 MU/turn using
>this sequence.

Must resist argument here, must resist... ;)

>I am therefore going to enter a suggestion that rotating in
>Vector be limited to the beginning of the move.

Actually this may or may not solve the problem... let it just be said
ain't deaf ;)



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