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Re: Combat films

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2000 06:07:38 -0500
Subject: Re: Combat films

Allan Goodall wrote:

> I'm quite a samurai movie fan. I just got The Samurai Trilogy on DVD
and have
> never seen it. However, for small unit action it's hard to beat "The
> Samurai". If you like your samurai movies more like westerns, there's
> incomparable "Yojimbo" (though "Yojimbo" is actually from the 19th
> just prior to the Meiji Restoration). "Kagemusha" has some wonderful
> sequences, but those found in "Ran" are much more intense (and
> Kurosawa was almost blind when he made "Ran" and yet the colours are
> fantastic). "Ran" is essentially a retelling of King Lear.

I'm going through a huge Samurai phase right now (reading a bunch of
stuff and painting minis). Make sure you watch "Heaven and Earth"
which has even more large scale combat than Ran.


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