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Re: Falkenburg's Legion, CoDominion, and stats (Long)

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Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 22:29:55 EST
Subject: Re: Falkenburg's Legion, CoDominion, and stats (Long)

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> Interesting that we both came up with similar stats for the
>  a couple things I'd disagree on there:
>  1.  On the 76mm gun version, despite the "Rapid fire" reference in
>  an RFAC 2 seems a bit weak.	I went with an HKPor HVC 3.  The 125 mm
>  mentioned in Go Tell the Spartans was the Arty vehicle, not a direct
>  weapon, I made it light arty, keeping it on the class 2 chassis.  I
>  recall a 155 mm version (OK, I used the phrase 155mm when I first
>  this topic, but that was in error.)

The 125mm gun mentioned was listed as a 125 mm Rocket Howitzer.  What
heck is a "Rocket Howitzer?"  I assumed a low-velocity gun giving a
boost to 
a hyper-velocity rocket--a neat way to achieve high velocity with very
recoil (important since it was mounted on a light vehicle).  Maybe I'm 
stretching things, but a single barrel/rail 125mm rocket launcher for 
indirect fire seemed to be a real waste of material to me.  That plus
fact that the Royal Spartan towed rocket artillery used 127mm ammunition
125mm) from 6-barreled launchers sort of convinced me--why have two
(125 mm vs 127 mm rockets) that are that close in size and (probably)
 Unless, of course, they were completely DIFFERENT in employment and

And they do specifically mention the 155mm version of the Cataphract in
last book (and that it has a very large boxy turret).
>  2. For the CoDo tank, based on the excerpt at the end of GTtS when
>  fighting the CoDo Marines in Sparta City, I'd say you could argue for
>  class 4 vehicle/class 5 weapon, but it could go either way there. 
>  than that, What I REMEMBER seems ti jive with what you came up with, 
>  it's been a while.
>  Brian B

The fact that the CoDO has to ship EVERYTHING argued for the smallest 
practical size in that case.  Especially since just about everyone
stuff was so small--for example I made the Suslov a size 2, but it MUST
be no 
more than 4 tons (maximum cargo limit of the assault lander that carried
to Tanith), which is probably more like size 1.  I had to make it size 2

bacause it was armed with a 135mm gun--something that sounded like more
a HKP 2.

Any, that's why I gave the ratings I did.  I do have the advantage of
just read the whole series back-to-back, which I didn't do the first
time I 
read this stuff.  Still, a lot of the info is vague so your mileage may
probably will) vary.  

I gave lots of the vehicles a LAD capability since everyone did their
best to 
keep aircraft out of combat, suggesting that there would be REALLY heavy

losses if they didn't.	LAD was the closest thing I could come up with
would have some effect on aircraft and not take up an entire vehicle's 
weapons fit.

Anyone come up with ideas for the Covenanters?


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