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Re: Falkenburg's Legion, CoDominion, and stats (Long)

From: "Brian Bilderback" <bbilderback@h...>
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 16:25:11 PST
Subject: Re: Falkenburg's Legion, CoDominion, and stats (Long)

Interesting that we both came up with similar stats for the cataphract,
a couple things I'd disagree on there:

1.  On the 76mm gun version, despite the "Rapid fire" reference in the
an RFAC 2 seems a bit weak.  I went with an HKPor HVC 3.  The 125 mm gun

mentioned in Go Tell the Spartans was the Arty vehicle, not a direct
weapon, I made it light arty, keeping it on the class 2 chassis.  I
recall a 155 mm version (OK, I used the phrase 155mm when I first posted
this topic, but that was in error.)

2. For the CoDo tank, based on the excerpt at the end of GTtS when
fighting the CoDo Marines in Sparta City, I'd say you could argue for a 
class 4 vehicle/class 5 weapon, but it could go either way there.  Other

than that, What I REMEMBER seems ti jive with what you came up with,
it's been a while.

Brian B

----Original Message Follows----

Spartan Von Alderheim Works "Cataphract"
Size 2, CFE, Fast Tracked, Armor 2/1 R, Basic FC (early version),
Enhanced FC (late version), Basic sensors (early version), Enhanced
(late version)
Rapid-fire 76mm version: turreted RFAC-2, pintel mount gatling MG
(also counts as LAD)
125mm version: turreted HKP-3, pintel mount HMG
APC: pintel mount HMG plus 10 troopers
155mm Gun-Howitzer version:  size 3 (large, boxy turret), Medium
artillery, pintel HMG

CoDominion Tank (a little less iffy than Friedlander data, but not by
Size 3, CFE, Fast Tracked, Armor 3/2, Superior FC, Basic Sensors,
Superior ECM
HKP-4 and coax Gatling MG in turret, pintel mount gatling MG (counts as

  Any other views on this out there?



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