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Re: Starship Troopers Government

From: Michael Llaneza <maserati@f...>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 23:20:14 -0800
Subject: Re: Starship Troopers Government

At 9:33 PM -0800 3/16/00, Brian Bilderback wrote:
><x-flowed>I seem to recall cthe book saying that the Skinnies were 
>at war with the
>humans until the bugs came along, but then allied with us against them.

>Great, now I have to go reread it, it's been years.
>Another interesting book on powered armor is "Armour" by John Steakly.

Whatever can be said against the military side of it (which makes for 
fun reading anyway), it is a remarkable psychological study (a hint, 
the title doesn't really refer to armor of metal...) . I re-read that 
every 6-18 months, and learn more about people I know every time 
(then again, I know some disturbed people). It's highly recommended, 
but it takes (me anyway) a lot of work to peel through the layers.

Now if I could only find my old (10 years) notes on an Armour game.

Michael Carter Llaneza
Veteran, Bermuda Triangle Expeditionary Force, 1991-1950
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