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Re: Combat films

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Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 16:58:05 -0800
Subject: Re: Combat films

On this topic I recomend "The Beast", Russian tank crew cut off in
Afghanistan. on 04/16/2000 03:55:40 PM

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>Okay, so "Stalingrad"'s not that great?  I was thinking about doing a
>Wargamer Movie Night" with some of my friends.  Sorry to ask, but
>"Cross of Iron" about?

Don't let them put you off.  Stalingrad may not be that realistic a
representation of the historical battle, but it isn't sucky as a movie
sit around with at a Movie Night with your friends.  It's worth renting,
the very least.  Like Los said about SPR - it's a MOVIE, not a

And rent Das Boot in the original German (with English subtitles) if you
can find that version - I saw it in the theatres when originally
and it blew me away.  More so the German version than the dubbed one. 
I recommend avoiding the special edition extendamix version of Das Boot
the extra footage doesn't add anything to the story.

And rent "The Odd Angry Shot" if you can find it.  It's an Australian
about the involvement of Australian troops (the Aussie SAS and others)
the Vietnam war, and I think it's great.  Very different from American
films of that type.  Again, I have no idea about it's historical
"accuracy", but it is a good film. I wonder what Owen and the other
Australians onlist think about it?

And then, if you're doing a "wide spectrum" set of themes on your movie
night, there's Zulu.  Gotta love that film!  And Michael Caine, in his
first major role, is wonderful.

Lot's to choose from.

Have fun.


Adrian Johnson


To win one hundred victories in one
hundred battles is not the highest
skill.	To subdue the enemy without
fighting is the highest skill.

Sun Tzu


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