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Re: Mission to Mars

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 08:45:02 -0500
Subject: Re: Mission to Mars

SPR =saving Private Ryan. A whole internet cottage industry seems to
have evolved
trying to prove how much the film sucks because of this or that minor
errors ("P51 Mustang! Tank Buster!") This normally has more to do with
the poster
trying to prove how much he thinks he knows about WW2 history than
anything about
the movie. Sort of like bitching about the accuracy or "Schindler's
List" because
the rifle camp commander he uses to shoot prisoners at random from his
balcony is a
Brazillian made K98 rather than a German made K98.

But back to Mission to Mars, sure the ending was something out of Close
Encounters/2001 but most of the movie was stll interesting, especially
tthe lander the resupply module, and the windstorms etc etc.Whether or
not they
were having a party the day before, well itt's not NASA 1999 it's NASA
2028. (Maybe
they cured the common cold in 2025? <grin>, who cares..) I was more
drawn to the
interpersonal stuff like Sinese being replaced and the guy leaving his
son for two
years, (Something my wife and I can identify with quite painfully having
gone on
plenty of deployments), which was the whole point of the scene. It's a
example of missing the forest for the trees.


P.s. Sorry Allan if it sounded like I was blasting you, I wasn't. wrote:

> > I actually though SPR wa sthe best combat film
> I can't quite peg that acronym, care to enlighten me?  I'll have to
agree, most
> media outlets always seem to give sci-fi a bad shake.  I usually go
and form my
> own opion.

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