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Re: Mission to Mars

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Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 22:53:08 EST
Subject: Re: Mission to Mars

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<< Ouch. That hurt my feelings. *L* I was just pointing out that it's
 getting a lot of scathing reviews. I was hoping you'd have seen some of
 and give reasons why you liked it. I don't let major news outlets tell
 I should like (I work for a newspaper and disagree with our "star"
 most of the time) but I do take a lot of negative reviews into
 when deciding to pay $10 to see it, or wait until video.

Fortunately, here in OKC we have a first run house that only charges $2!
it was money well spent - customary first run prices here are $7 and I
have gladly paid that. I have seen some DUM B comments about this film,
and I 
have shaken my head
    "Does NASA know they were shooting off missiles for fireworks at the

launch party?" They were model rockets full of party streamers, as the
shows a NASA guy loading a model rocket on a wire launch rail - for
out loud.
    "Does NASA knows they drank beer at the party?" NASA KNOWS they are
to bust loose a little before a mission launch which is WHY they check
three days prior to launch and get locked down on site before hand so
have plenty of time to go the mandated period before launch SOBER.
    The picture is good - sort of a 2001: A Space Odyssey without
incomprehensibility. The story is pretty accurate science-wise. It shows
hamster-cage ship used for transit - someone is going to berate the
movie for 
trying to land the WHOLE ship but it is not the landing pass that has
them in 
trouble in the movie - it is getting ready for the orbital insertion
    Gary Sinise is good - he usually is. Tim Robbins is very good too,
the whole cast works together well, even those who make their "terminal"
before the movie is over. The movie works the allure of Mars and the
for intelligent life into a cohesive whole, IF youreally LOVED the
movie "Starship Troopers" you will NOT like Mission: Mars - Mission Mars
is a 
GOOD movie - Starship Troopers was not. 2001: A Space Odyssey was a good

movie despite Kubricks ham handed incomprehensible ending - Mission Mars

deserves a B or B+ and I give out FEW "A".s.

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