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Re: PDS vs. IAVR/LAW/SMAW/etc.

From: "Oerjan Ohlson" <oerjan.ohlson@t...>
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 06:56:03 +0100
Subject: Re: PDS vs. IAVR/LAW/SMAW/etc.

Thomas.Barclay wrote:

>If I've read some of what Oerjan and others have said on this, RE DS2
>mechanics, the PDS systems don't stop IAVRs? This does seem >strange
if true.
>Do point defence charges stop them?

According to the rules, no. The IAVR mechanism is very simple: if
there's a target within 4", you draw 2 chits (no to-hit roll, no
ECM/PDS roll). Yellow chits are valid against APFC, Red against
reactive armour, and Red+Yellow against everything else.

Today's PDS systems are basically "guided APFCs", so a simple (and
reasonably accurate, at least for today's systems) fix to DSII is to
make *any* generation of PDS drop the IAVR chit validity to Yellow
(just like APFC)
>It seems to me in order to engage such a projectile, you need:
>1) a sensor system that can track small projectiles

Not a problem. One of the main problems today is to *stop* them from
tracking rifle bullets, and bullets are a lot smaller than HEAT rounds

>2) an AI/expert system that can recognize a threat

Not a serious problem. If it is big enough (ie, "not a rifle bullet")
and headed towards the tank at >50m/s, it's a threat (adjust the exact
meaning of "towards" and the velocity threshold to suit your current
situation :-/ )

>3) a fire control system that can lock onto such projectiles fast

Already exists

>4) a rapid fire gun with accurate targetting and a high slew rate in
>axes of control
Or a large set of small fragmenting charges, which is what today's
Russian systems use. Somewhat lower endurance, but better effective
slew rate :-/

>We've beaten all of these in Naval applications (Phalanx, Goalkeeper,

You're way behind. The Russians have beaten all of these in AFV

>Does it seem unlikely these will shrink to be aboard tanks and other
>AFVs? They'll get lighter, smaller, cheaper, faster, and more
effective. I >can't see PDS being unable, by 2183, to engage IAVRs and
other >similar weapons.

Particularly not since the Russians used their PDS systems with great
effect against the various buzzbombs and ATGMs used by the Afganis
(according to their reports, in DSII terms about 80% of incoming IAVRs
and GMSs were shot down) in 1989 - that's eleven years ago now...


Oerjan Ohlson

"Life is like a sewer.
  What you get out of it, depends on what you put into it."
- Hen3ry

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