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Re: On-going KV debate

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 08:53:09 +0000
Subject: Re: On-going KV debate

>At 10:03 AM 3/12/00 +1000, you wrote:
>>>OUR differing views come out a hell of a lot more often, why
>>Since the KV are still rather unknown to humanity, perhaps we haven't
>>yet the diversity of their culture. I mean in Rot Hafen, we saw two (I
>>think) Clans. There have to be more. Maybe these two are the Clans
that hold
>>power in the areas that are in touch with humanity (similar to the
fact that
>>perhaps the OU and NAC hold power in the areas that touch KV). Other
>>are kept away from humanity by the threat of war with the controlling
>Actually, I finally remembered what all this Kravak/alien culture
>discussion reminded me of: a rather good little novel by Walter Jon
>entitled Voice of the Whirlwind. One of the central forces in the book
>aliens who: a) had different factions, which they successfully hid from
>humanity for quite some time b) use a pheremonal mode of
>communication/control in addition to vocal (IIRC, pheremones of a
>could 'control' or at least affect the emotional state of his
>subordinates... yet they were intelligent and competitive in a rather
>Byzantine way) and, most interestingly, c) certain humans, when exposed
>alien pheremones, became *addicted* to them.
>Kravak addiction, anyone? At any rate, the book is an excellent read,
>in term of cyberpunk-type technology and social structure, a smidgin of
>horrors of corporate warfare, and a pretty nifty alien race which seems
>parallel a lot of the thought going into the Kravak.

I'll have to search for this one, its a WJW novel I haven't come across
I've read a good bit of his stuff, and it was Angel Station that
several of the ideas about the Sa'Vasku (including their use of
"volitional" and non-volitional" constructs).

Jon (GZG)

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