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Re: DS II Infantry vs vehicles

From: "Brian Bilderback" <bbilderback@h...>
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 09:51:09 PST
Subject: Re: DS II Infantry vs vehicles


You can put down Jane's now... I'm pretty well stumped.  However, in
last few lines I see my possible salvation. I know you meant that
systems will improve, but so will the weapons. Remember we are playing
the future."  Perhaps technology has advanced far enough to give these 
weapons greater range.	I still think a heavier answer to the IAVR, with

somewhat improved range, and better killing power, would be attractive, 
since their diurect-fire nature removes at least ECM from the equation. 
for the ADP/PDS question, I'll concede that they probably will have to
capable of defending against this new weapon.  I'm glad I threw this to
group before playing it, hopefully it will survive, but in a truly
form. And your comments on the capabilities of the Carl Gustav, and
rounds, has lead me to the following idea, evolved from the SAVR:

Support Anti-Vehicle Rocket (SAVR):

Though called a rocket, the SAVR concept includes small recoilless rifle

systems as well as rocket-propelled munitions. They are carried by 
specialist elements.

SAVR's have a range of 8 inches.

When a SAVR fires on a vehicle, place a missile chit next to the vehicle
for a GMS attack, and resolve all ADS fire as normal. if the SAVR round
past any ADS defenses, resolve the attack Vs. the vehicles Signature and

PDS, not vs. it's ECM and PDS.

If the SAVR hits, draw 3 damage chits.	Validities are the same as for 

Because SAVR's have larger warheads than IAVR's, they can fire special 
anti-personnel rounds which allow them to act as limited APSW's.  In
infantry firefights, treat SAVR's as APSW's with a range of only 6".

The cost of a SAVR element is based on the targeting system of the SAVR
guidance, once the SAVR is fired it's going in a straight line):
With Basic targeting, cost=30
With Enhanced, Cost=40
With Superior, Cost=50

(I basically costed them as a combination GMS/L AND APSW element).

Brian B

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Subject: Re: DS II Infantry vs vehicles
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 10:21:48 +0100

No doubt that
will change in the future.


Oerjan Ohlson

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