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Re: KV, Humans, and Political Divisions

From: "Brian Bilderback" <bbilderback@h...>
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 09:13:45 PST
Subject: Re: KV, Humans, and Political Divisions

OK, so my use of the KV was poorly chosen.  I must plead ignorance,
since my 
only exposure to them is from this list.

As for the new FB book, I'm sure I would enjoy it, but don't you think I

should get FT itself first? I only own DS II.

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From: Alan E and Carmel J Brain <>
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Subject: Re: KV, Humans, and Political Divisions
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 00:47:38 +1000

Brian Bilderback wrote:

 > So let me get this straight: There are, amongst others, these powers:
 > FSE (Human), the NAC (Human), the ESU (Human), the PAU (human), etc.,
 > there are the KV (KV)... Hmmm....
 > What I've noticed is that most "Alien" races in Sci Fi are presented
 > homogenous group.

I agree, most are.

But not in the Tuffleyverse. Fortunately for everyone else, the Kra'Vak
Clans spend at least as much time fighting amongst themselves as they do
fighting other species. And the various Phalon factions make them
utterly Balkanised. It's not for nothing that they're known as the
Phalon Conglomerate - it's one of the very difficult things when dealing
with the Phalons, you never know whether they're backstabbing you, or
it's another group inimical to the first that's queering the deal.

The Su'Vasku are - well - the Su'Vasku. Forget about trying to
understand them. Fortunately they follow a principle of enlightened
self-interest, and are relatively trustworthy, so can be worked with.

All will be revealed once FB2 hits the stores. Well, maybe not all. Or
even most. But one of the design considerations for all races was that
the defences should work at least as well on their weapons as on anyone
else's, and as far as can be determined by outsiders, are optimised
against their own weapons. Any additional effect on other species
technology is pure serendipity.

 > So why don't we ever, in our fiction, meet other species with the
 > tendencies? I'd love to see a scifiverse where humans meet another
 > whose home planet has as many different ethnicities and political 
 > as does Earth.

You should enjoy FB2 by all accounts then. Only 3 weeks to go....

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