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DS II Infantry vs vehicles

From: "Brian Bilderback" <bbilderback@h...>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 17:29:17 PST
Subject: DS II Infantry vs vehicles

I've been thinking about the rules for infantry firing at vehicles in DS
  Currently, there are two types of weapons used:  GMS/L teams, and
infantry firing IAVR's. Each has it's advantages and disadvantages.  The
has greater range and firepower, but it can be spoofed by ECM, and it
be carried by a specialized team/element. The IAVR cannot be spoofed,
any element may fire it, but it has very limited range anf destructive
vs. armor.  I begin to think it would be great if there was something
was a compromise between the two.  And I realized there is.

Let's say that the GMS roughly equates to the futuristic version of a
or Hellfire, or Dragon (Depending on whether it's H or L).  And
according to 
the book, the IAVR equates to the modern LAW or RPG.

But there's a whole class of weapon left out of the occasion.  What
larget direct-fire infantry-fired rockets and recoilless systems, like
SMAW or B-300 or Carl Gustav?

Thus I propose the SAVR (Support Anti-Vehicle Rocket).	It combines some
the best and worst of both GMS/L teams AND IAVR's

Like a GMS/L, a SAVR must be carried by a dedicated team, which can only

carry small arms for self-defense in addition to their SAVR.  SAVR's use
same validities as IAVR's, but they draw 3 chits instead of 2, and they
an effective range of 16" (Much greater than an IAVR, but nothing
to the 36" of a GMS/L.	The advantage is that SAVR's are not succeptible
ECM and ADS/PDS fire like GMS' are.)

In general, I'm pretty happy with these stats.	But if someone can
suggest a 
more viable range, that is the one area I'm most open to tweaking this

Brian B
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