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Re: Soundtracks

From: Aaron Teske <ateske@H...>
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 21:37:59 -0500
Subject: Re: Soundtracks

At 01:31 AM 3/6/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Well, Jon mentioned the CDs I'd mention.
>I'll also add that the Hunt For Red October sountrack would be awesome
>for an FT soundtrack.

Crimson Tide.  At least, the first track.

Just for my own edification (or something like that...), here's a mix
made specifically of battle music.  Note that, as my computer isn't
this is actually split for a 90 minute tape (shock, horror!), i.e. two
minute sides.

Senso Mix (War Mix) v.1.0

 1. Mutiny  (Crimson Tide)			9:00	 9:00 (segue...)
 2. Senso  (Wings of Honneamise)		3:10	12:10
 3. ??	(MechWarrior II CD#3)			2:25	14:35 (segue...)
 4. Mars  (Holst, Bernstein cond.)		6:32	21:07
 5. First Attack  (Dune)			2:44	23:51
 6. Arise, People of Russia  (Alexander Nevsky) 2:29	26:20
 7. ??	(MechWarrior II CD#8)			2:12	28:32
 8. Silent War (Armitage III Movie OST) 	5:21	33:53
 9. ??	(MechWarrior II CD#16)			2:04	35:57
10. ??	(MechWarrior II CD#9)			1:46	37:43 (segue...)
11. Excerpt from The Last Battle (Star Wars)	7:45	45:28
    (CD1 #15, start @4:28, through to end @12:13)

12. Confrontation (Emperor of the Fading Suns)	3:23	 3:23
13. Ride of the Valkyries			5:23	 8:46
14. Heavy Armor  (Patlabor the Movie OP)	4:09	12:55
15. soukougeki ("General Offensive", ROLW rd)	2:55	15:50
16. tuiseki ("Pursuit", Vampire Princess Miyu)	 1:54	 17:44
17. Into the Trap  (Star Wars, CD3 #11) 	2:36	20:20 (segue...)
18. TIE Fighter Attack (S.W., CD1 #13 cue 1:32) 2:20	22:40
19. tatakai no theme ("Battle Theme", ROLW)	2:18	24:58
20. Big Battle	(Dune)				3:06	28:04
21. After the Battle (EFS)			2:37	30:41 (space)
22. Heimkehr [Homecoming] (Das Boot)		2:30	33:11 (space)
23. Blade Runner (End Titles)			4:40	37:51 (CD
24. Tears in Rain (from Blade Runner)		3:00	40:51
25. Brothers in Arms  (Dire Straits)		 4:48	 45:39

...anyway, I pulled music from a lot of sources, but then I own a lot of
CDs.  (If anyone else on this list also owns all of these CDs, seek help
now. ^_- )  "Segue" basically means "leave as little space as possible",
while space means to (duh) leave some space.  (I love the Homecoming
from Das Boot, but it doesn't fit in *quite* as well as I'd like it
BTW, Emperor of the Fading Suns is another ~decent game with a (IMO)
soundtrack attached.

There are a couple of cues that I really, really love; the best (IMO) is
"Tears in Rain" moving into "Brothers in Arms", but two others that work
really well are "Into the Trap" from RotJ moving into "Tie Fighter
from ANH (when the Falcon is escaping from the Death Star), and track 9
from MechWarrior II moving into "The Last Battle", at the point where
music really picks up.	(Which is the best I can describe it right

I'm considering splitting this into smaller chunks; for one thing, it
mixes naval/space/sf themes with fantasy, which can be a little odd if
know where all the tracks are from.  But it works. ^_^	(And since I
have Conan & like films, I don't think I'd have enough music for an
all-fantasy mix without delving deeper into the anime than I really want
to.)  Of course, the list is also changing; version 0.9 included Billy
Joel's "Goodnight Saigon" and Sibelius' "Finlandia", but both were
'cause I usually listen to this on road trips and the soft bits were
drowned out.  And I recently purchased "The Usual Suspects" and the MIB
score CDs, which may contribute a few songs... not to mention that I
modified the list about a year ago so there have been many more

Anyway... just thought I'd toss that out. ^_^

					Aaron Teske

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