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RE: [OFFICIAL] Kra'Vak psychology preview!

From: devans@u...
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 08:36:15 -0600
Subject: RE: [OFFICIAL] Kra'Vak psychology preview!

I love this stuff! Well done, Brian.

Something also to consider is the effects of the Ro'Kah chemicals on the
Kra'Vak. In humans, adrenalin is a powerful chemical used to help in
fight/flight situations. However, it has very detrimental effects on the
human body. It leads to premature aging and breakdown of the body
Also, the adrenaline reaction occurs in non-survival settings (usually
non-life-threatening stress). The Ro'Kah seems to be a much stronger
reaction. This would indicate that 1) It does not have the harmful side
effects to life span; 2) It does not manifest during
situations; or 3) It is easier to control (neutralize/flush) the
and thus end the Ro'Kah's effect. Otherwise, it would be a strong
anti-survival trait.

Couple of small comments; I'd assume, and Jon seems to, that the
effects are short term. Not impossible that the Ro'Kah is not only not a
premature ager in Kra'Vak, but even necessary for developement and
maintanence. However, it does sound more like the Sia'Na are the more

For many species' qualities, it's often the reproduction, not survival
that are important. It's not impossible that the Kra'Vak reproduction
will support reproduction-after-death for the those that die with the
benefit to the species. Particulars can be discussed off-list. ;->=

However, I will point out that poisonous tissues accompanied by colorful
displays are not of obvious survival benefit to an individual, but very
much so to a species.


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