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RE: [OFFICIAL] Kra'Vak psychology preview!

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 08:37:16 -0500
Subject: RE: [OFFICIAL] Kra'Vak psychology preview!

Thank you Jon!!!

>From your psychology, I would think that the Kra'Vak would also excel
psychology, especially bio-feedback techniques (to initiate and suppress
Ro'Kah) and conditioning (same effect, but on other Kra'Vak), in order
their society to survive. Command must be able to both promote and
the Ro'Kah in order to get the proper action (motivation?) out of those
command. Furthermore the Sia'Na would be invaluable in non-military
society. They probably serve in the judicial system (layers and judges),
unless the Kra'Vak society still uses trial-by-combat. I would hate to
the corporate world of the Kra'Vak!

This psychology would also tend to indicate a high birth rate, but a
juvenile mortality rate.

Something also to consider is the effects of the Ro'Kah chemicals on the
Kra'Vak. In humans, adrenalin is a powerful chemical used to help in
fight/flight situations. However, it has very detrimental effects on the
human body. It leads to premature aging and breakdown of the body
Also, the adrenaline reaction occurs in non-survival settings (usually
non-life-threatening stress). The Ro'Kah seems to be a much stronger
reaction. This would indicate that 1) It does not have the harmful side
effects to life span; 2) It does not manifest during
situations; or 3) It is easier to control (neutralize/flush) the
and thus end the Ro'Kah's effect. Otherwise, it would be a strong
anti-survival trait. If the Ro'Kah chemicals have a similar effect on
Kra'Vak as adrenaline on Humans, this would also impact the psychology
the Kra'Vak (low life expectancy). Also, it would increase the role of
Sia'Na, as they would outlive the non-Sia'Na. 

I would imagine that the regular Kra'Vak would still be the Clan leaders
(and thus societal leaders), but that the Sia'Na would provide a clan
(as historians), and source of wisdom (as they live longer and can take
less emotional view of events). The Sia'Na may even be a secret power
the powers, prodding and leading the Kra'Vak leadership toward a secret

Brian Bell	   

PS. Sia'Na training tape for Kra'Vak manufacturing:
[Foreman] Faster. We must complete the shipments of Railguns for our
Glorious Clan.
[Workers] <voice ascent>
[Foreman] Quicker! The life of our clan depends on the weapons we
[Workers] <Strong Ascent>
[Foreman] Double Time! You There, Pour It Faster! Lives Are At Steak!
For The Clan! You! Assemble It Faster! You Are Falling Behind!
[Worker] FOR THE CLAN! 
The worker struggles to assemble the components faster, but only manages
fling the assorted parts across the factory floor.
The foreman then proceeds to dismantle the worker, while receiving some
dismantling himself.
[Sia'Na] Soo'sa'sae <calm>. Soo'sa'sae. The clan needs parts assemblers.
The Foreman calms down.
[Sia'Na] Send in the apprentice assembler.
The Forman explains that all he needs to do is put the flanglewheel on
[Foreman] Start.
[Foreman] Faster...

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> Hi all,
> Thought you might like a brief preview of the the way that the K'V
> psychology has been developed for use in FB2; it should adapt quite
> to
> DS and SG games....
> Jon (GZG)
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