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Re: Soundtracks

From: RWHofrich@a...
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 22:05:03 EST
Subject: Re: Soundtracks

A couple of good ones for IF folks to use:

The Wind and the Lion (my personal favorite)
Lawrence of Arabia

Good general Space Battle ones not previously mentioned:

The Wrath of Khan
a number of recordings by Khitaro
The Seahawk (Korngold music)

Good DS2 tracks:

Just about any piece from the Ring Cycle (Wagner)
Blood and Thunder (a compilation of Hollywood soundtracks)

I just thought I'd mention some tracks that haven't been brought up yet
I don't listen to them in MP3--just plain old music CD for me).

>Besides that Carl Orff is always good fighting music, Carmina Burana in
>particular. It has been used in several movies. like the Conan movie
>Schwarzenegger. The test is, of course, about drinking and paryying in
>Bavarian 13th c. cloister, but it is in latin anyway..

Actually, the Conan music was a bit different--but CB and Wagner's 
Gottedammerung from the Ring cycle were used in Excaliber, IIRC.


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