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Re: That MP3 Soundtrack...

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 10:13:24 -0500
Subject: Re: That MP3 Soundtrack...

BTW It has been about 18 months since we had  a serious soundtrack
discussion. As
you guys may know, you often need look no further than some of your own
disks. A few places to look (Note: With every one of these games. the
music is
worth the price of the game)...

Mechwarrior 2: (audio) Excellent music, Kind of airy and spacey but very
power Armor or tanks in alien environment types of stuff. (Note: MW3's
music is a
bit more heavy but has some good tracks)

Shattered Steel: (audio) If you ever see this CD in a bargain bin, buy
it! Forget
the game (Which wasn't half bad) but the audio CD tracks are uniformly
Thing main fleet action type stuff. Must have. I'll get this converted
to MP3 and
over to Kr'rt by the end of the month.

Descent2: (audio) This is heavier and faster  stuff (by Type O negative
and Skinny
Puppy), but very well crafted and has a lot of appropriate tracks.

Rainbow Six and others in the series: (Audio) A Bill Brown Masterpiece:
Grate FMA
type stuff or ground action. Again worth the price of the game (Which is

Incubation: (Audio) Anyone remember this game? They put more effort into
soundtrack than the game.  Has some great creeping around music, again
an FMA bug
hunt type of thing. (I always got a kick out of the incubation "Rap"

Decent Freespace: (Needs an extractor to Wav format) Excellent music,
the briefing tracks. (A good briefing mission prep buildup always helps
to screw
up the old courage.)

Homeworld: (Needs an extractor to AIFF format) This has some great
stuff, good
space battle type stuff.

Battlezone: (audio) Another excellent sound track, great for Stargrunt
type stuff.
Classical/electronic type stuff.

Quake: (Audio) The original Trent Reznor stuff. All airy, ambiance stuff
but very
well done.

Shogo: (needs extractor to MP3) has some great modernistic type stuff.

Incoming Rage (Audio) another solid futuristic type of soundtrack.

Plus a ton others I'm no doubt missing.

For EXCELLENT ambiance/sound effects: If you own Talonsoft's WestFront
Eastfront: Go to the wav director (actually it's the root directory).
The large
wav files which are like BackG*.Wav Are just ambient sounds with distant
fights. There are the best and most realistic firefights around and you
can hear
some of them in Kr'rts Kra'Vak MP3 he uploaded.


Brian Quirt wrote:

> Paul Radford wrote:
> >
> > Excellent work Kr'rt.
> > Does anyone know of if something similar has been done for FT? Or a
> > suggestion of a 'suitable' soundtrack? I'm using Star Wars
soundtrack CDs at
> > the moment.
> I'd also be interested in a suitable soundtrack. I don't own the Star
> Wars CDs, so I'm using the Babylon5 CDs instead. Seems to create a
> reasonable atmosphere....
> -Brian Quirt

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