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Re: GMS vs Infantry

From: RWHofrich@a...
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000 13:11:04 EST
Subject: Re: GMS vs Infantry

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> Or you can provide two sets of stats for a GMS with an AT firepower
>  an AP firepower. The flexibility of the rules allows all this great 
> monkeying.
>  Cheers...
>  Los
Don't the rules already cover point targets vs dispersed for other
Just use the same rules for the GMS/ other words, d8 impact

Not quite the effect you'd expect with a decent monroe effect vs an 
individual, but should cover the frag effect well.  Or, you could say
that if 
both attack dice higher, then one target gets the full point effect
while the 
rest of the squad checks for shrapnel?	Never mind, that's starting to
annoyingly complicated.



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