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RE: GMS vs Infantry

From: "Scott Uecker" <rttakezo@k...>
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000 21:35:13 +0900
Subject: RE: GMS vs Infantry

	Dear fella, you missed my entire point.  We ("I") have fired
missiles at infantry in ALL situations, in all cases effective.  When
are trying to kill you, you use everything at your disposal.  If I was
fearing potential tank attack before resupply I may not have had my
fire a precious TOW round.  But if not, the cost of that same "precious"
round pales in comparison to the cost of one of my Marines.
	Let me ask you a series of questions:
1) Have you personally ever used anything more explosive than a
or bottle rocket?
2) Have you ever fired any weapon more powerful than a shotgun?
3) Have you ever been shot at?
4) Have you ever shot at anyone?
5) Have you ever personally watched a man die?
6) Have you ever caused a man to die?
	Unless you can answer yes to each of these questions, I would
ask that you
refrain from arguing semantics with me to defend a point that is based
books and not reality.

Major(Had'm pinned on just yesterday) USMC

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> You refute your own argument in the same paragraph. The GMS's you
> mention are exceptionally effective
> against bunkers and buildings. Those are point targets as opposed
> to say an infantry squad which is an	<<SNIP>>

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