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Re: OGRE/GEV for ground combat

From: "Imre A. Szabo" <ias@s...>
Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2000 20:46:52 -0500
Subject: Re: OGRE/GEV for ground combat

I was planning on using the victory points from Ogre Minitures rule book
the cost per unit.  I might use a multiplier to get FB points.	My big
problem is how to handle fighters.  Fighters in Full Thrust are used for
ground support.  This is stated in the FB, NSL battledreadnought
description.  I'm assuming that units in Ogre aren't lobbing nukes,
if you're lobbing nukes, you will reduce all planets in the game to
radioactive hulks...

I was deffinately thinking of building dropship stats as Ogre's.  It
seems right.  Ogre's are going to have be landed in probably destroyer
sized Ogre Landing Ships.  Ships larger then destroyers won't be able to
land on planets.  I was thinking 12 to 16 Holds for the largest Ogre,
then scalling the other Ogre's and units to that.  GEV's and Heavy Tanks
would probably take 1 to 2 Holds each.


Also, I was going to have Ogre's built in Ogre Production Factories.
(Ships are build in SpaceDocks).  Tanks, GEV's, and Inf. I am going to
treat like missiles and fighters.  If the planet has the points, you can
build it.

Bell, Brian K wrote:

> I have not tried it, but it sounds like an excellent idea.
> Ogre is fast and easy to learn.
> Things that would need to be determined:
>   Campaign cost for Vehicle/Infantry units.
>   Size of vehicles for transporting
>	SHvy Tank = 5
>	 MHWZR = 5
>	 HWZR = 4+3 (4 for HWZR and 3 for transport. Assembly required)
>	 Hvy Tank = 4
>	  Missile Tank = 3
>	  GEV = 3
>	  Lt Tank = 2
>	  Lt GEV = 2
>   Armor and/or weapons rating of dropships (Ogre stats).
>   Ortillery/Anti-Space Combat
> -----
> Brian Bell
> -----

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