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Re: Snow

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000 23:47:22 +0000
Subject: Re: Snow

>Ground Zero Games wrote:
>> If you want talc in bulk for something like this, don't buy it from
>> chemist (drugstore to you Yanks <grin>) - get it from a glassfibre
>> supplier; it is what we use as a filler in polyester resin castings,
>> goes under various names including Microdol, Norwegian Talc, Calcium
>> carbonate etc.
>> It's non-perfumed, and costs about 10 UKP for 25Kg! Like bathroom
talc, it
>> get EVERYWHERE, so tell your players not to breathe too hard over the
>> table.....
>I'm just picturing the look of the gaming room after that much talc....
>...though on a hot day, the players might get some benefit from it. 

Ah, the delicate odour of unwashed gamer wafting in the breeze...... 

"I love the smell of wargame shows in the morning - smells


Jon (GZG)
>The good thing about talc is that it won't attract ants or other
>The bad
>thing about it is that it won't necessarily stay where you want it. 
One good
>breeze.... would make a good blizzard effect though.

On a very slightly serious note, I guess maybe you could lightly damp it
down with one of those houseplant water sprayer bottles? Wouldn't like
think about the clear-up afterward, though.... ;-)
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