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Re: Pod Racing

From: Michael Sarno <msarno@p...>
Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2000 13:17:26 -0500
Subject: Re: Pod Racing

Bren Mayhugh wrote:

>	  Is there any way that I could get your rules and changes for
your Pod
> racing?

    Yes, the easiest way is to go to my GZG scenario discussion group at
<> and enter the "vault."  You
can find
all the rules and the pod racing control sheets in a file cleverly
marked "Pod
Racing." <g>  To access the "vault," you'll need to take about 30
seconds to
subscribe to the group, but you can unsubscribe right away, or even
better, just
elect not to recieve e-mails from the group.  That way, you can still
access the
"vault" any time you like and you can even read the average 3 posts per
month via
the web.
    Based on our conversation in House of Pizza, I'm going to keep the
intact.  You'll have to come up with a "death penalty" suitable for
track you design.  My current default is: One gate behind the last place
pod with
a number of hull boxes equal to the number of gates that you were set
back.  No
new junk, and no free repairs.	But, I can't imagine this would be
suitable for
all tracks, so adjust to whatever tortures you're throwing at them. <g>

> You can privately send it to my address if you want. I was out
> shoping for stuff to make terrain (astroids) and stumbled upon
clearance Pod
> Racers. I just *had* to buy them.

    The same thing happened to me.  Now, I've been buying pod racing
stuff since
I saw the film during the summer and realized that I could adapt FT
rules to
simulate the race.  So I paid full price for all of the pod racing packs
at full
price, just to have all of them.  Then, January, I found them all for $2
per pack
in the back of Blockbuster!  Well, I had to buy a second round of the
same packs.

> I am probably going to run a pod racing
> game at conventions that are coming up around the Indy area.

    Let me know how if goes, please.


Michael Sarno
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