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Combined FT - SG2 Scenario II

From: "Bren Mayhugh" <jygro@h...>
Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2000 12:26:05 EST
Subject: Combined FT - SG2 Scenario II

>     That really doesn't address my concern, though.  I have yet to see
>game where side A ia guaranteed of making orbit, but it is still up in
>as to how long they can hold it.  More likely, you have a scenario
>A can't make orbit, or, if they do make it, theycan only hold it for
>turn.	Again, that just doesn't see like something that would need to
>played to add another level to the SG game.  For this to be worth the 
>of filling two slots and coordinating the rest, the first scenario has
>a definite impact on the second game, but still leave the second game
>undecided.  I'm not saying that this orbital insertion idea can't work,
>just saying that nothing proposed so far sounds like it will work.

	Here is the way I am handling it for my FT campaign (5 or 6 FT
dealing with the 3rd Solar War - more on this later). The third scenario
ESU attack a majoe planet held by the NAC.  The victory condictions are
get the transports into the "atmospheric window" (see More Thrust for
idea) and keep force loses to a minimum.  (This game is running at my
club in March)
	Depending on the number of troops transports that make it into
the window, 
will determine the amount of troops for the SG II game. I have set the 
number of troops they get if no ships make it. Each transport has a 
percentage that if the ship makes it adds to the total troops.	(To
this, here is an example, but the actual numbers are not).  There are 5 
transport ships, four are 3% and the fifth is worth 5%.  If no ships
make it 
the invading force get 100% of the assigned amount. If all ships make
the invading force gets 117% of the assigned amount.

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