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RE: FW: Combined FT - SG2 Scenario

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000 12:25:19 -0500
Subject: RE: FW: Combined FT - SG2 Scenario

I'll throw out an idea.

FT Game:
The Defender would have a force of mainly fighter groups (ground based),
corvettes, frigates, destroyers, and a couple of cruisers.
The Agressor force would have larger, but fewer ships.

3 goals. 1) Draw defense forces away from the planet so that cloaked
transports can enter orbit. 2) Ortillery strikes against ground targets.
Reduce the number of defending fighters.
2 goals. 1) Keep the agressor away from the planet. 2) Protect/Conserve
planetary defense force (Fighters and Ground units).

Rules of Engagement:
Agressor forces will attack until X number of turns has passed (or real
limit is reached). At this time the cloaked transports will decloak in
orbit, launch the landing craft, and re-cloak. Each defender air group
the planet or in orbit may make an attack against the landing craft.
ship in orbit may make one Ortillery attack per turn. Ortillery attacks
reduce the Defender's Ground assets. Agressor force ships must attempt
retreat if they sustain over 50% loss of hull boxes. Agressor fleet must
retreat if it loses 50% of ships to damage/retreat.
Defender forces may withdraw at any time. However, this will allow the
Agressor forces to make Ortillery attacks. This may, however, preserve
fighter groups.

Special Rules:
Ships/Fighters in orbit are treated as 1 range band closer (does NOT
maximum range).
Landed fighters may not attack.
Landed fighters are protected as heavy fighters.
Ortillery strikes will choose Fighter or Artillery to attack. These
(if successful) will reduce the ammount of Air Strikes and Artillery
barrages that the defenders may use.

SG game:
Agressor force will have a set amount of assets. Artillery will be
(Some Ortillery ability is expected from the space forces).
Defense force will be in possition and/or hidden. It will consist of
infantry, some vehicles, fighter groups, and artillery. The fighters and
artillery will depend on how much damage they took from Ortillery

Goal: Secure a spaceport to facilitate reinforcement by additional
Goal: Defend the spaceport to encumber agressor reinforcement.

Special Rules:
  Agressor forces get X number of Ortillery chits per ship in orbit (if
game ends with agressor forces in orbit). Number should be based on # of
weapons of Class-2 or larger. 
  Agressor forces get X number of Anti-Air defense (ADS?) based on the
number of PDS in orbit.
  Defender gets a number of Air Strikes based on the number of surviving
fighter groups from the FT game.
  Defender gets a number of Artillery chits based on losses from
strikes in the FT game.
  Defender may NOT direct ortillery strikes as any surviving ships will
hunting for the cloaked transports or fighting surviving Agressor ships.

Anyway, its an idea.

Brian Bell	   

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