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FW: Combined FT - SG2 Scenario

From: "Andrew Apter" <andya@s...>
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000 11:31:19 -0500
Subject: FW: Combined FT - SG2 Scenario

The set up should allow for cross loading the landing force on three or
ships.	The main mission is landed along with a larger (not played
diversionary mission ) .  For playability you want both a force that can
suffer some attrition in space and yet not so large that if it gets
intact constitutes a full scale invasion.

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On  2-Mar-00 at 17:47, Michael Sarno ( wrote:
> Roger Books wrote:
> > Orbit planet and drop off
> > troops, 1 turn.  Hold high orbitals (with support missions depending
> > on where you are in orbit) 2 turns while 6 turns of SG occur. 
> > shuttles and break orbit 1 turn.
>     It seems that you won't have much variance from that, though.  If
>     that's the
> case, why not take that as read and only play the SG portion?

How many troop ships make it through?  At the end of SG turn 3 the
person in
charge has to make the call as to when to retreat, do you start bringing
your people back to the shuttles or do you hope that the ships can hang
3 turns instead of 2?
Victory, troops complete mission and escape.  Make the mission something
like capturing some individual.
Draw, troops do not complete mission and still escape.
Loss, troops do not escape.

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