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RE: Combined FT - SG2 Scenario

From: "Hudak, Mike" <Hudak.Mike@d...>
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 16:24:42 -0500
Subject: RE: Combined FT - SG2 Scenario

> "Hudak, Mike" wrote:
> > If you're trying to combine scenario types, how about a Planetary
> > invasion/extraction mission?  You could start with the FT 
> mission where
> > you're trying to escort transport ships to a planet, either 
> for extraction
> > or invasion, while an opponent defends the planet.	However long the
> > agressor keeps appropriate ships in orbit is how long those 
> services are
> > available to ground units.	Also, the number of transports 
> that survive
> > affects the troop size of the agressor/how many troops can 
> be evacuated.
> >
> > Once times are established, you can later play the SG2 
> scenario, based on
> > parameters established from the FT scenario.
>     I'm not sure it's a good idea to link the SG turns all 
> that closely with
> the FT turns.  The FT turns will be equal to roughly 3 SG 
> turns.  Just for
> comparison, the Beer Game only lasted 6 turns, with a full 
> platoon on either
> side.  Even if we doubled that length, which is about all you 
> can hope to get
> into 4 hours, we're still only talking about 4 FT turns.  For 
> the FT game to
> have any impact at all, you're really going to have to peg 
> their success to
> something other than the number of turns.
> -Mike
> --
> Michael Sarno

Maybe so, but it comes down to how many turns the FT ships can maintain
orbit without being driven off by the defenders.  It would seem to me
to hold orbit for more than two turns would be very difficult.	Base the
game on how long the attackers can actually hold orbit (And how many
survive orbit.)

But then again, having played only one FT game, and no SG2 games, I may
way off base here.
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