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Scenarios, previous and future

From: "Thomas.Barclay" <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 13:51:31 -0500
Subject: Scenarios, previous and future

I have some previous SG2 scenarios I could work up to publishable format
there is interest:

1) SG2 - A scenario where the LLAR and the OU are in conflict over a
LLAR move in (with NSL advisors....) to take over a world belonging to
independent Celtic group on the edge of OU space. They take the world,
the battle we played was the OU (UN assisted) counter attack. 

Historical outcome:
UN PA breaches main castle where NSL are held up. Once the UN is
that's all she wrote for the NSL. The LLAR are scattered and destroyed
the OU veterans, after inflicting some casualties going down. 

2) SG2 - A scenario where the OU and PAU were conflicting for a planet.
OU tried an assault into PAU territory and had their asses handed to
So the story of the game is a retreating OU force (with OU armed
auxilliaries) trying to excape through a mercenary blocking force (PAU
employ) while being pursued by a PAU infantry force with FSE assistance. 

Historical Outcome:
By sacrificing all working and damaged vehicles, and with violent and
continuous use of sniper and marksman fire, the OU decimates the
forces command chain, then assaults it and gets out on foot. The pursuit
force gets held up by vehicles, but does cook some APCs. Eventually the
FSE/PAU force finished the reargaurd elements. EW plays a heavy role in
minor victory of the escaping force.

3) SG2 - A Scenario where NSL and OU forces are in conflict on a world.
both think they've seen an enemy vessel shotdown and go to investigate.
end result is both platoons fight over the wreckage they think the other
side owns. Truth is a third party owns the wreckage, and the scenario
changes pace when this becomes apparent.

Historical Outcome:
The OU get an alien prisoner, the NSL get lots of fascinating alien
wreckage. Both sides suffer light casualties. Some aliens escape. 

4) SG2 - A Scenario where the NAC QOR (Queen's Own Rifles) attempts to
defend the last and primary PDC (under a temple) on a world being
by the NSL. A large NSL force attempts to take the temple and then the
destroy the PDC to let the fleet move in. The time the NAC delay the
determines victory or loss. 

Historical Outcome:
The NAC force gives a tenacious defence (including armed jeeps, gears,
even a shot down pilot) and holds the NSL for a long time, allowing a
massive evacuation of human elements from the planet. A rather large NAC
victory. NSL allows themselves to become bogged down and suppressed
across the board. 

5) SG2 - A Grey Day - 2165 - KV out trying to get info on humans so they
attack a human force on excercise. The humans want to survive, the KV
prisoners and tech samples and a good measure of the human toughness. 

Historical Outcome:
KV get 10-15 prisoners, some of interest. KV lose a bunch of vehicles
warriors, enough to colour their impression of what fighting humans will
like - this affects war preparations. The KV get some tech samples.
Nuke the Place). Humans achieve their victory conditions too - they
(the immediate battle... they had no info about their Nuclear future...
they won in the context of the game). Both KV and humans 'won' this

6) FMA Skirmish - Human SF teams escape with captured enemy leader
of ethnic cleansing. Must make it to border and DMZ while pursued by a
platoon of enemy militia. 

Historical Outcome: 
1 wounded human gets across DMZ. Humans could have won, only the one SF
element refused to abandon the other when its position became untenable
got itself caught as a consequence. The lone human was okay until he
which mine counter in the defence line was disabled for passage - he ate
CDM on the friendly side of the map.... oooops. 

7) FMA Skirmish - Human SF Team with defecting scientist pursued by ESU
regular platoon (NKVD types). Human must get scientist off far board

Historical Outcome: 
Scientist and 1 SF guy escape. The rest of the team is caught or killed
after a brilliant fighting retreat. Final scene pits half platoon of ESU
covering a river gorge with heavy firepower vs. 2/3rds of human team
to escape. Human runs SF guy after guy out drawing ESU fire and losing
suppressing team members until ESU has shot its wad, then runs human
scientist across to safety. We deemed half the team would be captured,
1/3rd killed. I think 1 guy plus scientist got away. 

"Headcount" - FMA Skirmish
Each player plays a pred (or small team of same). Ref or other players
humans. Preds win by headcount at end of scenario. 

"Action Aboard" or "FMA High Lightning" - FMA Skirmish
Humans fight a boarding action on a multi level ship built from foamcore
while (possibly) an FT battle runs on another table. Due to unspecified
timescales, all events are in realtime. Interactions are instant. 

"The Devil's Fangs" - SG2
Follow on in the KV-Human series. Two tables, with gorge (modified
of final Grey Day table) between. Two separate SG2 games linked in
by gorge. One side - human force of militia and regs trying to stop KV
invasion ground elements. Other board contains human settlement and some
last ditch defenders vs. KV airmobile or seamobile exploitation attack. 

"Who has got the Weasel?" - FMA-Skirmish
The attempt of KV SF to rescue the legendary KV sniper-master "Wi'Sel"
<translated from KV - means "Never Seen"> from the hands of the NSL
Kampfgruppe survivors before the KV nuke LTT 3902. 

If any of these are of much interest (the previously run ones), I'll try
put them in publishable formats. 

Thomas Barclay
Software UberMensch
xwave solutions
(613) 831-2018 x 3008

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