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Re: FT/FB Clarifications

From: Jaime Tiampo <sage@b...>
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2000 09:51:53 -0800
Subject: Re: FT/FB Clarifications

"Bell, Brian K" wrote:

> Aft Arc Fire:
> PDS and Class-1s in PDS mode are not effected by MD because the
targets are
> MUCH closer. Fighters and missiles are assumed to be darting in to do
> actual attacks.
> Our group read the rules differently than some others. That is that,
> the weapons that have an Aft arc may fire and that limiting them to
> when the MD did not fire was the optional rule. What is the difference

We play the same way. We opt out of not being able to fire aft when the
main drive has fired although we don't often see ships firing through
their rear arcs.
> <tinker mode>
> If I were to re-write the vector rules, it would have the following
> 1. Movement points would be double the rating for the ship.

That would definately increase the tactics in the game since ships would
be less pradictable but then you'd have to rewrite the rules for
missiles and you'd also be looking at thrust 6 ships out distancing

> 2. MD and Rotation would come out of the same movement point pool (as
> takes time to spin a ship. And during that time, the ship may not fire
> main drive, or at minimum, the MD firing is less effective at putting
> ship on the desired course).

This makes sense to me to, though is starts to really restrict mobility
in ships.

> 3. I would eliminate pushes as they would result in less than 1" 
> movement on the map.
> 4. I would allow multiple rotations (turn, fire MD, turn) as long as
> ship had the movement points to accomplish it.
> 5. Rolls would cost 1 movement point

What you have here then is the ship would rotate then apply main thrust
then rotate back to shoot, sounds like a push to me :) 


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