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RE: Stealth in SG2 - how to implement it?

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 07:24:06 -0500
Subject: RE: Stealth in SG2 - how to implement it?

You are correct on the implied meaning of stealth in DS2.

For SG2, I would suggest both #1 and #2.
#1 mirrors the DS2 mechanic of reducing the size signature of the
#2 would provide additional protection from GMS (which is MUCH more
in SG2 than DS2).

For infantry (including PA and 1 person vehicles such as motorcycles and
grav-boards), I would suggest that each level of stealth place the
at 1 greater range band (I think that this shifts the target die). I
also limit this to 1 level for regular infantry and 2 for

And last, if the motorbike is powered by HMT (Fuel Cell) or FGP
(Fusion), it
would be as quiet as PA (which I assume is powered by HMT OR FGP). LOL,
just pictured a PA trooper with a gasoline engine on his back.

Having only played SG2 twice, I am unsure. Do most people play
as individual figures or as size 1 vehicles? I would argue for
figures (as I use them in DS2) unless in a group. Size 1 vehicles would
Jeep size or larger, IMHO. 

Brian Bell	 

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> Subject:	Stealth in SG2 - how to implement it? 
> What is stealth from DS2? I assume it is a combination of
> countermeasures, thermal ducting and countermeasures, and visual
> countermeasures. What is the effect? In DS2, it makes the vehicle
> to
> hit by reducing its effective signature. 
> How to best represent this in SG2? 
> Ideas:
> 1) A reduction of size class as a target
> 2) An increase of effective ECM by 1 or more levels (an open shift
> moves from the defenders ECM die to the attackers guidance or FC/FP
> 3) A stealth die - a 1 level stealth is D4, 2 level is D6, etc. 
> Each has advantages and disadvantages. 
> 1) Pros: Easy to do, somewhat similar in mechanic to DS2
>    Cons: Works not a whit against GMS or infantry small arms - useless

>    to size class 1 vehicles. 
> 2) Pros: Easy to do. Works against all attacking weapons systems.
>    shift can be applied to spotting rolls. 
>    Cons: Means shifting more than 1 die conceivably. 
> 3) Pros: Extra die is probably most advantageous option for defender. 
>    Also works for spotting. 
>    Cons: Means attacker would have to beat both stealth and range or
> dice. 
> I implemented PDS for vehicles using method 3 (an extra die). I'm not
> which makes the most sense. 
> Q: Can infantry have stealth?
> A: Perhaps? 1 level = phototrophic cammie jammies. 2 level =
> cloak shields. 
> Q: Can other vehicles types have implicit stealth?
> A: I think perhaps some things like motorbikes have something like
> versus being hit (spot normally - a bike makes noise). 
> Comments, rebuttals, other theories, like it, lump it, want to put a
> bullet
> in me? 
> Thomas B

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