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Quotes - some extra info

From: Thomas Barclay of the Clan Barclay <kaladorn@h...>
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2000 00:41:28 -0500
Subject: Quotes - some extra info

"The sound of death is small plastic cubes rattling against each other"
- - Aaron Neuman watching Stuart Murray rolling 28 dice.

=====> That's a darn good quote.

"I have NO staying power." - Bren

=====> I remember one that happened in the lobby at 2.00 am ish when
Tom, Jim, Bren, JP, Dean and I were playing Nuclear War.... Tom
described his policy: "When I'm offending someone, I generally don't
spread around my attacks. I pick one person and offend them until they
aren't around anymore." and of course "I have a secret!" (followed by)
"You can keep your secret!".

"I'm thinking you want to roll a d8 and get a really high number to be
moderately scared......'3' is not it." - Tom Barclay to Indy in A Grey
Day To

======> Clarification: A high high number was needed to pass the Terror
check, and 3 wasn't close.

(a little later) "I need someone to roll a ten-sided die. You want
it to Kochte. He'll get a good number." - Tom Barclay, A Grey Day To Die

======> I believe the <sarcasm dripping> tag needed applied here. You
rolled (amongst other ones almost uncountable) two 1's in a row for
comms attempts if I recall correctly Mark....

More from 'A Grey Day To Die':
Thomas: "QRC, I need a QRC -- quick, someone give me a SG2QRC!"
David: "...Huh?"
Ted: "...Uh?"
Rick: "...Wha?"

========> Rick in answer to many question "....Wha?..." (I think he was
distracted by the thought of his wife's impending return to the
country)... :)

"It's better than blowing a Phalon." - Tom McCarthy, FB2 playtest

=======> Oh was it now, Mr. McCarthy? <*wink*>

"Okay, Kochte. Roll a d8. Do not roll a one." - Tom Barclay to Indy,
which Indy rolled...a one.

=======> And you missed "Don't give the initiative dice to Kochte...
he's rolled a one last time. He's rolled low repeatedly. He'll roll a
one." Silly human persists and the Kochte Probability Skew Demon has its
chance.... a one is rolled.

"Never give an RV to a guy who rolls '1s'" - Tom Barclay, A Grey Day to
recounting Indy's futile attempt to avoid the Kra'Vak from placing
limpit mines
on his infantry walker's legs.

=========> Mark, most of us found your tactic of backing your recon
walker into the enemy infested woods so they could reach up and stick
limpet mines on was quite humorous... although perhaps militarily a tad
questionable... though it did reveal some enemy units...:)

Back to A Grey Day To Die:
Ted (human): "Key your radio twice if you can hear me."
Kr'rt (you-know-who): "<click...>

====> context - Ted tries to comm a squad on a hill he formerly
controlled, failing to recall (mind you visual evidence would have been
obvious to any observer) that the hill and the squad had been overrun by
KV Juves and the squad was ....inconvenienced....terminally....

Purple Kra'Vak upon attempting interrogation of first human captives.
After dissection and removal of skull caps: "Mmmm. Their tops are full
jelly...and their bottoms full of chocolate. Yum!" (A Grey Day)

======> By the end of the game the KV had about 10-15 prisoners and a
whole bivoac area and interrogation section setup at the back of the
entry board.... ;)

Returning to A Grey Day, after Dave Raynes' fire team missed hitting the

Kra'Vak squad as it close-assaulted his platoon leader's squad:
Rick: "How're you doing?"
Dave: "I just shot my CO"

=======> Context: KV assault squad comes hussling down a cliff face and
close assaults and demises one squad. The other formerly broken squad in
the woods sees their CO and PSgt cut off in the cave under the hill and
try to rescue them. Their fire hurts the KV squad slightly wounding one
or killing one, but I look at the map and think "they're firing STRAIGHT
into the cave mouth". I attenuated their FP dice a few shifts due to
cover and shooting at individuals and made them roll for friendly fire.
The CO didn't make it.... (K-Pow!) so only the PSgt could be
captured.... <Great Tactic if it had been planned!>

"SAW team? I didn't think we were talking about amputations anymore..."
Ted A, A Grey Day

====> I have a mailbomb for Ted just for this singularly awful quote....

Indy (gesturing to the smoking K'V VTOL in the lake) : "What happened?"
Kr'rt: "I don't know. That's not my side of the board, Monkey Boy."

Follow-up comment from Kr'rt to the above: "Our air assets became sea

=====> That was the third attack VTOL. The second one went down on top
of a human squad (GMS/H Air got it, but it crashed to earth on top of an
FSE squad anyway). The third one came down in a small lake. They all
flew the same route with the same results.... seemed to be a pattern
here the KV just weren't seeing....

Back to A Grey Day:
Tom Pope, leader of the Kra'Vak: "We're running low on black skulls."
<later> "We've only got 4 left."
<later> "We have to borrow some black skulls..."

======> And we had 2 counter sets.

Definitely from A Grey Day:
David Raynes (on saturday): "I'll give you $1.50 to stop shooting at
<later> "$3.50"
<later> "$7.00"
<next day> "$12.00, that's my final offer."

=====> I could have sworn I saw Tom taking money from someone.... I
wonder if the buyout was a success....

One you missed I like. Last turn of Grey Day. Kr'rt, running Wi'Sel the
legendary KV sniper, says

"I take a shot at the lone human figure".

This figure (picture this) is the leader of the FSE contingent (Major
Andrea D'Aubagne) and the 2nd in command of the human Kampfgruppe. All
alone, by herself, but behind a one level hill far away from any other
figures. We ask Kr'rt the range band. He says

"Range Band 1".

We look quizically. He places his figure less than 6" from the Human
Cmdr along a river bank she is standing beside. He drops her wounded. He
reveals he has a Predator Caste KV there to pick up the human and go for
his lines.... only he misses something. Rick reveals the mechanics and
the clerks and the ambulance. Two squads. One squarely on either side of
Wi'Sel (Weasel-Boy the Sniper), both on Overwatch, and both firing at
point blank. <The fate of Wi'Sel is ambiguous as of yet and TBD by some
FMA Skirmish shortly>. Wi'Sel had legendary stealth to sneak through the
human formation to get so close to the human XO, but his observation was
subpar (two sets of hidden units interpenetrating). It was VERY
memorable.... Great Going, Wi'Sel! Your War Master Gnashes His
Hunter-Fangs In Admiration!

"Good? Bad? I'm the guy with the gun." - Ash, Army of Darkness

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<hangs up the phone>
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"He's dead."
-- The movie Top Secret

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